Volunteer Hours

We know that the BFC parents are committed to the Club, and have many talents and abilities that can be tapped. In order to keep our fees at a minimum, and In the spirit of working together to make BFC even better, we have implemented a program wherein each family is required to provide at least 5 hours of service(per player) to Club activities. Please let one of the Board Members know where you think your services would be best served so that you can fulfill your family's volunteer commitment.

Please report volunteer hours to volunteer@blackhillsfc.org

What counts as volunteer hours? Pretty much anything that assists with Club activities. Several examples are located below. If you have other ideas, contact a member of the volunteer committee.

How many hours are required? 5 hours each year per player in the Club

How do I report my hours? Email a member of the volunteer committee or your team manager.

Is there an opt out? Yes. There is an opt out of $100 that can be paid anytime.

Do the hours have to be performed by the parent/guardian? No. In fact, whenever possible, we would prefer the players perform the hours.

When must the hours be completed? Anytime during the soccer year(May 1-April 30 for most teams). If the hours are not completed and reported by December 31st, the Club will simply increase your balance owing by $100. If you complete the hours after December 31st, your account will be credited.