Who We Are

Blackhills FC is the only Thurston County club that competes in the Washington Youth Soccer Regional Club League (RCL). The RCL is comprised of the highest level soccer clubs from across the state. We can also place teams in the NPSL and SSUL which gives us access to a spectrum of competition levels so each team can be placed in a league that suits their development. Our Head Coaches are US Soccer Licensed, dedicated to learning, improving, community and children.

Our Philosophy: 

Blackhills FC is a child centered soccer club that focuses on developing individual skillful, tactically intelligent and competitive soccer players within a team environment.

A player’s individual qualities are a function of the team and how we play the game is a greater priority than winning the game.

Our model of game is based on ball retention and recovering the ball as soon as possible to create scoring opportunities.

We want our athletes to strive for excellence in the classroom, train at their highest level of play, and be respectful citizens and outstanding role models that exemplify sportsmanship. 

Our Mission:

The mission of the Blackhills Football Club is to develop high quality youth soccer.

  • Build the soccer skills and team commitment needed to play at the highest levels possible.
  • Teaches players individually how to play their best soccer in a team environment.
  • Provides excellence in coaching and the training needed for players to reach their full potenital.

Why play for Blackhills FC?

Because Blackhills FC has premier level coaching, training, competition, and value. The Club's player-centered model cites individual player growth as its primary metric. With the individual foremost in mind, all club decisions are aimed at appropriately developing each child to play their best soccer within a team environment. We have players traveling from Lewis, Grays Harbor, Thurston, Mason and Pierce Counties.


Our Coaches are our greatest asset and are continually being trained to provide immediate and specific feedback to the players. We support our coaches and their continued coaching education within, and outside of, our program.

We have a Technical Staff that includes James Charette, a current member of US Soccer's National Instructional Staff and Kyle Jones a Washington Youth Soccer Instructor.

Blackhills FC currently has staff coaches licensed at the following levels: US Soccer "A" (3), "B" (3), "C" (1), "D" (4) and "E" (22).


We are a Club with a common philosophy and follow US Soccer's Curriculum. The training sessions offer many repetitions for technical and tactical development. We want to develop players who are technically able to handle the ball under pressure, are able to retain the ball as a team, and recover it as fast as possible.


We compete in the Regional Club League, which is comprised of the highest-level soccer clubs from across the State. Blackhills FC is the only Thurston County Club that competes in this league. We had 5 players this year compete in the Elite Player Development Region IV ODP Championships in Arizona.


The player fee is all-inclusive and allows access to all the BFC training sessions. BFC takes pride in utilizing the Club model to focus on player development. If desired, a player can attend a variety of extra sessions to further his or her development. When factoring in time on the pitch, with the breadth of experience amongst our coaches, there is no better soccer value than BFC.

It is a success for us if our players Enjoy, Learn, and Improve.

*Blackhills Football Club is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.