BU10 (2011) Team Assignments

Weekly Assignments:

Take 5-minutes every other day to review with a parent, sibling, or friend our Style of Play. Email Coach Jason or Coach Memo with any questions about Style of Play.

One question to think about for our next webinar:

How can I keep possession when I have the ball? And how can we (the team) keep possession when we have the ball?

Please email with your thoughts for next week’s webinar.

 Style of Play

Here is the first Skills training sheet to work with. Please ignore the dates and do what you can.

For a bonus prize email Coach Jason or Coach Memo with a video of yourself showing your teammates how to change direction with the soccer ball

*Always copy a parent/guardian when emailing or texting a coach.

     U10 - U12 STC Week 1        

Watch Video about Mojo and the Growth Mindset


1. Answer Mojo's question.  Can Mojo become smarter? 

2.  What about you?  Can you become smarter?  What is an example of a time you became better at something?

Here is a Juggle assignment. Focus on Region 1 for the first two weeks. Do what you can and email which states you could finish to jason.darrow@gmail.com or memorltw03@gmail.com.