BU12 (2009) Team Assignments


A. Watch this game, at some point when we are permitted to do video conferencing, we will talk about certain things we saw, and go over specific time-stamped clips. But for now, just watch: 


These are the U12 boys from Roma and Dortmund and it took place in a tournament in Switzerland in June 2018 (they are 2006s).

B. Take a look at the Skills Training Challenge and see how you do:


C. Continue with the Juggle Across America Challenge as well. 

D. If you have not yet responded to me and Roland re: the questions, please do so:

1.) What did you do well this year? 

2.) What do you want to improve upon?

3.) What positions do you want to play?  

3a.) Why? 

4.) What positions do you think you should play to benefit the team? 

4a.) Why? 

(this answer may not be any different from question 3). 

Email coaches at rolandwatson888@gmail.com and scottcushing@gmail.com. Parents need to be copied in any communication via email, phone/text, or video chat. 

Weekly Assignment:

Step 1: Choose something new you want to learn for the next two weeks. 

Step 2: Develop a WOOP Goal process

Step 2b: What is a WOOP Goal?: https://youtu.be/SUHWwbW6DAs 

Step 3: What is your WOOP?

Step 3b: Why did you choose this goal?

Step 3c: Did you achieve your outcome? If Yes - How. If No - Why?

Step 3d: What are your next steps?

Step 4: Send via email by May10 to cgallanger1@gmail.com jason.darrow@gmail.com jonmarc414@gmail.com omaravera@hotmail.com 

New U10 - U12 Skills Training Challenge - Challenge #3 Attached