BU14 (2007) Team Assignments

Boys 2007

Weekly Assignment:

Outcome: Players learning how to create personal goals based off of WOOP structure, working to achieve goals, overcoming/learning from possible obstacles while working towards a goal

Step 1: Choose something new you want to learn (soccer related) for the next two weeks

Step 2: Develop a WOOP Goal

    Step 2b: What is a WOOP Goal? https://youtu.be/SUHWwbW6DAs

Step 3: What is your WOOP Goal?

    Step 3b: Why did you choose this goal?

Step 3c: Did you achieve your outcome? If yes - How? If no - Why?

    Step 3d: What are your next steps?

Step 4: Send via email by May 10 to Coach Jon at jonmarc414@gmail.com

REMINDER: When communicating with a BFC Staff member, please add another adult to your communication.



Juggle Across America 

Juggle Across Europe 


Be active 30 minutes per day:  riding bikes, jogging, play with a sibling or parent(s), own body weight exercises.


Tactical Videos: 

https://youtu.be/nHfzQZmhRmg (Zonal Defending)

https://youtu.be/DEJgFJRtJJI (Defending as a Unit)


Player Videos:

https://youtu.be/Lu-IsHvTptk (Ronaldo)

https://youtu.be/ymPBnEfbpYI (Paul Scholes)

https://youtu.be/Wj6H6iV20yc (Matt Le Tissier)



1. Watch the two Defending Video's. Write, record, video a short response. Responses can include new learnings, "Now I get its", disagreements, etc. I will use the responses to create future assignments. Please email or share your responses to me jmturpen@gmail.com by Friday 4/17.


2. Continue to search for "your player". Your task is to find the player, past or present, who you aspire to be. I already shared that Paul Scholes was who I crafted my game after (falling well short of course). If you would like some feedback, do not hesitate to ask.


Coach Josh