GU17 (2004) Team Assignments


Assignments for the week of May 3-9:

Individual Development Plan 2019-2020

Complete these three self-reflection questions.

  1. What did you enjoy the most this season?
  2. How did you improve with your Individual Development Plan (IDP)?
  3. What are your next steps to further develop your IDP? If you want to put deeper thought into this, develop a WOOP Goal.

Send responses to Coach James before May 15. Remember to include another adult in your email, and whenever you are communicating with coaches via email, phone/text, or instant messenger.

May Activity and Juggle Challenge

Team Assignments for the Week of April 20: 

1. Watch Alex Morgan talk about her rules to success. Morgans rules for success  

2. Write down which rule resonates for you or write down your own. Write at least a paragraph sharing why that rule or idea is important for you. How are you going to apply it to your life? 

Due date: May 1, 2020.   

Please send to Coach Rob and Khrystian when you are done. A parent needs to be copied in all emails to coaches. 

Please take on the following challenges for our team. Remember to send an update each week on your progress.

• Challenge #1 Juggle Across America. Updates due every Sunday.

• Challenge #2 Juggle Across Europe. Begin this challenge after Juggle across America.

• Individual development plan due April 24

Make sure to copy another adult when sending an email.


Coach Rob